Shopping in Santa Claus, Indiana

The Town of Santa Claus

Learn about the town's history, parks, recreation and community.
Town of Santa Claus

Ho Ho Holdings

HO HO HOldings, LLC is a family-owned business headquartered and operated in the southern Indiana town of Santa Claus. There are three operating divisions within the company and include Lake Rudolph Campground & RV Resort, Kringle Place Shopping Center and Santa's Land. Santa's Land features real estate in and around the Santa Claus area.
HO HO HOldings, LLC

Christmas Lake Village

Christmas Lake Village is a gated community providing a unique living experience for residents. Within the community lies 26 miles of private roads, 3 lakes, a beach, recreation center, a park, 2100 lots and 850 homes. Fishing and recreational boating on Christmas Lake are favoite summertime activities of many residents.
Christmas Lake Village